Are we turning into an immoral society? One where people walk away from their beautiful little darling homes and their sacred agreements with their lenders? What is this world coming to?

Here at the Church of Real Estate, we hold to the fundamental tenets of traditional real estate and home ownership.

Core Beliefs

  • Home prices can only go up.
  • Your Home is your Best Investment.
  • Owning a home is a savings plan where you pay yourself.
  • Renting is a sin. Only an evil fool throws away money.
  • The mortgage interest deduction is sacred.
  • The capital gains tax exclusion for home sales is sacred.
  • Home Ownership is forever.
  • Each home is one of God’s precious creations
  • Those who do not properly care for their homes are evil-doers.
  • We believe in long-lasting housing relationships.

What We Stand For

Home ownership is the one true path to health, wealth, and overall wellness. No neighborhood, subdivision, or condo building can truly realize its true potential until every unholy renter has been converted into a home ownership believer.

Home prices only go up. If you think that the value of your home has fallen, it’s just a test of your faith! Your home is your best investment, and making your monthly mortgage payment is even better than putting money into the bank.

What We Stand Against

Those who do not properly support and care for their homes we will call derelict, or deadbeats. As it is written, “every homeowner shall properly support and care for their home.” Care and support includes financial as well as spending quality time making sure that it’s well cared for.

A properly-supported home will be a positive, contributing member to its neighborhood. We will not stand for neglected homes! Such homes give nothing back to the community. The members of Church of Real Estate are keenly aware of the impact that one irresponsible owner can have on the other homes.

Any discussion of changing the mortgage interest deduction or the capital gains tax exclusion for the sale of real estate is heresy. Only those who hate home ownership and despise their fellow man would ever consider such things. If the mortgage interest deduction is altered in any way, surely the entire American economy will collapse, and verily it will be the beginning of the end of civilized society as we know it.

We at the Church of Real Estate are horrified by the divorce rate of owners from their homes. These people are not living proper, and will ultimately face consequences in this world and the next for their cavalier, immoral choice to “walk away.”